Customizing the G+ feed widget

This is done on our Home Page, or in your WordPress admin panel.

On our front page, after you put in your Google + id and click on Get widget,your personal G+ feed widget will appear on the right, in the default colour scheme. It will look something like this :

Ps: if the images appear too small click them for full screen view.

fully customizable google plus feed widget

Customize the widget -full screen

If you scroll down that page, you will find all customization options below.

Customize the widget -full screen

After setting up the desired colour scheme and layout, click on get the widget to update the code and the preview.

fully customizable google plus widget

Customize the widget -full screen

After you are satisfied with the end result, copy the code and paste it in your site where you want the widget to appear.

G+Feed Plugin for WordPress Users

You can download the plugin here, or go to your plug-ins page, add Widgplus, as seen below.

fully customizable g+ feed widget

After installation, you can customize the plugin from your settings menu, as illustrated below.

fully customizable google plus feed widget

Customize the widget -full screen

WordPress users also get to make the widget transparent, for stunning blend-in effects. The result?

A clean Google + feed widget, that will bring new contacts in your Google + circles, Fresh content on your site whenever you post something public on Google + . Most importantly, it will establish trust with your visitors, and they will be more likely to check your offers or just keep on browsing through your site or blog.

You can get your fully customizable widget from


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